Geum vernum (Raf.) Torr. & A. Gray - Spring Avens


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Family: Rosaceae


Rich woods.




Southern Ontario to southern WI, IA, and KS, south to TN and northwest OK; considered to be introduced in NY and MA though native and rare in VT.


Herbaceous perennial; stems erect or ascending, 30-60 cm; some basal leaves long petiolate, simple or nearly so, others smaller and pinnate; principle cauline leaves pinnate or some trifoliate, with several toothed and often deeply cleft divisions, the upper and lower cauline leaves reduced; sepals triangular, reflexed; epicalyx bractlets lacking; petals yellow or cream, 1-2 mm; head of achenes elevated on a stipe 1-2 mm; achenes 2-3 mm, minutely appressed-puberulent; proximal segment of the style nearly glabrous except for a few glandular hairs; terminal segment of the style 0.7-1 mm, inserted on the very tip of the basal segment.


Flowers April to May

Wetland indicator: FACU

The flowers of this species are similar to those of G. virginianum but typically a deeper yellow and flowering much earlier. The only other species in the northeast with the head of achenes noticeably elevated on a stipe in fruit is G. rivale.


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