Goodyera repens (L.) R. Br. - Lesser Rattlesnake Plantain


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Family: Orchidaceae


Dry or wet woods, mostly under conifers.




Circumboreal, in North America south to NY, MI, and MN, south in mountains to NC.


Perennial herb to 20 cm; scape with 2-4(-5) bracts; leaf blades ovate or oblong, 1-3 cm, dark blue-green, in eastern North America usually white-reticulate, the midrib and veins typically green, but the lateral and cross-veins bordered with white or pale green; inflorescence loose, spirally secund, 3-6 cm long; galea 3-5.5 mm; lip 3-4 mm, deeply saccate, with prominent, slender, abruptly deflexed beak-tip with spreading margins; rostellar beak 0.2-0.6 mm, scarcely prolonged beyond the blunt anther.


Flowers July or August

Wetland indicator: FACU

Might be confused with G. tesselata which usually has larger leaves a more shallowly saccate lip.


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