Goodyera tesselata Lodd. - Checkered Rattlesnake Plantain


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Goodyera tesselata - (image 1 of 6)



Family: Orchidaceae


Rich coniferous or hardwood forests.




Newfoundland to southeast Manitoba, south to NJ, MD, OH, MI, WI, and MN.


Perennial herb to 35 cm; scape with 3-5 bracts; leaf blades mostly 2-5.5 cm, variably white-reticulate; inflorescence loose, spirally secund, 3-6 cm long; galea 4-7 mm; lip 3-5.5 mm, shallowly saccate, the pouch longer than deep; anther acuminate, somewhat surpassed by the 0.6-1.7 mm rostellar beak.


Flowers July or August

Wetland indicator: FACU

An allotetraploid species thought to have originated from hybridization of G. oblongifolia and G. repens. Some plants may be difficult to distinguish from G. repens.


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